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By: Parneet S.

We are extremely grateful for the help and hard work we received from Pratham during selling our house and buying our first house. Pratham was excellent throughout the whole process, from getting our house ready for showings, to closing. The most helpful was the detailed timeline on list of tasks to tackle the de-cluttering and recommended things to be done to enhance the presentation of our house before it was listed on the market. All we had to do was to follow his recommendations and it removed a lot of stress from our shoulders. What appeared to be an impossible undertaking at first had worked out perfectly well before the listing date! He also made sure we had access to accepting/declining the showings according to our schedule. That was a great help! All in all, we had a wonderful experience working with Pratham both times.

By: Gurneet A.

Given the market and the time of year at which we were selling, it was nothing short of phenomenal that you were able to sell our house in just over 2 weeks. Your knowledge of area and your modern approach to marketing were just two of the reasons we chose to list with you. A huge thank you for your efforts and dedication which made the process much easier than we anticipated. Any questions we had, were answered quickly and efficiently. I definitely recommend Pratham Kalia to anyone and would not hesitate to use again for ourselves.

By: Rakesh D.

Pratham Kalia has been our realtor for over 3 years, and we have bought multiple properties with his help. From the outset, Pratham's expertise in investment properties was obvious. He helped us select properties from reputed builders in prime locations. He does a thorough job vetting prospective tenants, and as a result, we have only had positive experiences with our tenants. Pratham manages our lease negotiations with finesse and looks out for our best interests. He even helps us with property management tasks as he has several reliable contacts that help with condo and home maintenance. We are truly fortunate to have him as our realtor, and look forward to many more deals together.

By: Tanusree D.

We're glad we fell into the right hands as soon as we moved to Canada a few years back. We had met with Pratham Kalia to help us find a suitable home to stay in for the time being. Once we were settled, we contacted Pratham as we believed it was time to purchase our first home in Canada. Pratham was able to secure us a home in a top Mississauga neighbourhood with good schools which was our main criteria. Pratham provided us with great insight on the market and was able to provide us with reputable professional contacts. We were very happy with the process and recommend Pratham as a real estate professional.

By: Alyssa E.

We recently dealt with Pratham Kalia to lease out one of our properties. Having read many good reviews of Pratham online, we decided to work with him. He had a lot of knowledge on the market and was able to answer any questions that we had. He was very clear and straightforward when giving us a recommendation on price, possession date and what to expect. Pratham had our best interests throughout the transaction and was always available to communicate, via phone or email. In just a few days, Pratham was able to draw in multiple offers for our property. We were very impressed by his commitment, knowledge and honesty!

By: Vikrant G.

Pratham Kalia helped us secure our very first home in Mississauga! As First Time Buyers, Pratham helped answer questions that we had and provided detailed information on the market. He made the showing process very simple and was very patient with us. Before submitting an offer, he did his due diligence and was very thorough with the information he provided. Pratham explained why some homes were not for us or if a property was over priced. Pratham had our best interests throughout the transaction, while also providing us with a reputed Mortgage Broker, Lawyer and Home Inspector. He made our First Time Home Buying process very easy and helped us have a smooth closing.

By: Sankar K.

We had bought an investment property in Ancaster with Pratham Kalia. Pratham provided detailed information on the market, builder new homes and gave us thorough answers for any questions that we had. Before going forward with the investment property, one of our requirements was to have the property leased. Pratham ensured that he would help us to have the property leased as well, he stayed true to his words and had the property leased after closing. He managed our lease negotiations, filtering prospective tenants and found us a long term tenant. We highly recommend Pratham's services without any hesitation!

By: Karen B.

Pratham was so great to work with. Very personable, flexible with my variable schedule and a great source of information. The best thing about him is that unlike most other realtors, he isn't just looking to sell you anything there were a few properties I initially liked that he advised me against because of various reasons, and together we found the right home for me! Thanks so much for everything Pratham.

By: Aditya G.

Pratham Kalia helped us secure a pre-construction condo in the Square One area. He was always patient explaining any questions that we had, which we appreciated a lot. We trusted Pratham from the start, as we had heard very good things about him. He narrowed down a list of pre-construction condos that were a great match to us regarding the price, occupancy date and location. He made sure that we made the right decision and he never pressured us into any sale. Pratham took the time to show us model suites, finishes available and also showed us the area where the building was going to be coming up. If you are looking for a real estate professional that is friendly, knowledgeable and reliable then we will definitely recommend Pratham Kalia!

By: Sachin B.

Pratham provides excellent, knowledgeable service and is easily reachable via phone or e-mail. Pratham helped us purchase our freehold town-home in Milton! It was a great experience working with him, as he was very informed about the market, took the time to show us several homes and answered any questions that we had. He worked diligently to secure the house we wanted. We have known Pratham for a few years now and will continue to refer any friends or family looking to buy or sell. We strongly recommend his services!

By: Tony T.

They were knowledgeable about the current local real estate market and they came to the interview prepared with information to help me in making my decision. They were very professional, personable and thorough in their approach, with excellent communication skills. And they were successful in attracting good offers and ultimately a sale in very good time.

By: Ravindera D.

We worked with Pratham for our first home purchase. Being a first time home buyer we had lots of questions and Pratham patiently answered all of them. He was thoroughly professional and always very responsive on call throughout the buying process. Highly recommended if you are planning to buy/sell in and around Mississauga.

By: Pim M.

My partner and I was able to purchase our first home with the help of Pratham. He was energetic, knowledgeable, and was available to answer our questions whenever we needed. He always made the time for us and made our first home purchase go as smoothly as it can be. It's been over two years and Pratham is still in touch with us regarding our current home value and even hooked us up with tickets to the home and reno show a while ago. I couldn't be happier that we chose Pratham Kalia as our realtor!

By: Jeff E.

Pratham works tirelessly, day and night. We bought our first townhouse with him, sold it and then bought a house. He was able to negotiate fair terms for both parties to ensure the deals went smoothly. Myself and my partner are not easy clients, we are very picky over what we want, our schedules are tough. Pratham makes it work. He’s always available for contact. We look forward to working with him again!

By: Kiran C.

We met with Pratham Kalia and discussed about pre-construction condos in Mississauga. We were very impressed by the knowledge Pratham had regarding condos and the market. He covered in detail the process of buying a pre-construction condo, what to expect when buying and the closing costs associated with the purchase. We decided to work with Pratham to find us a suitable pre-construction condo. Pratham took us to good builders in the area and explained each project to us in detail. He was able to get us a great deal on a pre-construction condo with nice incentives and friendly deposit structure. He also recommended us to a reputed mortgage agent at a bank of our choice and a professional lawyer. This made our pre-construction buying process very simple and stress free. Thanks again Pratham for your help!

By: Ruby S.

Pratham is professional, knowledgeable and took the time to understand what I was looking for. He was always quick to respond, patient in showing properties and I never felt pressured throughout the process. Made my first time home buying experience easy and stress free.

By: Aparna B.

You cannot go wrong working with Pratham! He is unlike most realtors, he is really genuine, gives his honest opinion about properties and is very knowledgeable about all of GTA. It was really great that we had someone to guide us in the right direction as first time home buyers. He helped us understand the market trends, prices and locations. He really helped us find a home that catered to our needs.

By: Mahesh K.

It was a great pleasure of working with Pratham Kalia. We had just arrived to Canada and we were on a time crunch to find a suitable property so that the children could start their schooling at the earliest. Pratham helped us learn about specific neighbourhoods with top school districts and also showed us various properties within our budget. We would highly recommend Pratham to any newcomer looking to buy or rent in Mississauga.

By: Manas K.

Pratham Kalia is the go to realtor if you are looking for well guided, professional and peaceful experience. He will sit down with you, explain everything from start to end. He is well informed about the market and we have to give credit where it is due, he made sure we made the right decision. Always open to take you for viewing and is flexible as per your timing and convenience. Pratham is friendly and is part of the millennial's so he knows what the people are looking for. Pratham’s office staff are also friendly and prompt to respond. Pratham specially made our offer process smooth and hassle free. Thanks to Pratham Kalia and his staff to help us start our new journey.

By: Rajesh G.

Pratham is a true professional. He is patiently working behind the scenes in helping find the best deals. He is thorough in his research and always very responsive. We recently bought a property through Pratham and he made the whole process smooth including finding tenants within a week after closing. Highly recommend.

By: Sridhar B.

It was a great pleasure working with Pratham Kalia regarding purchasing an investment condo in Square One. He secured a condo for us at a great price, in just a few weeks. The condo price has already gone up! It was a smooth process and if we had questions, he was very quick to answer and respond. Pratham explained to us in detail the process of purchasing an investment condo and guaranteed to have the condo rented for us as well, which was a great bonus! In just 4 days, he was able to find a good tenant and have the unit leased! I would recommend Pratham to anyone looking to buy or invest in Mississauga.

By: Jordan S.

Pratham made our first home buying experience so simple. He is extremely personable, professional and made the process a complete breeze!

By: Nitin P.

I have personally had a great experience with a Pratham in my condo buying process near square one. He is trustworthy, quick yet detailed an highly knowledgeable in his work. I appreciate how he understands my requirements and suggests accordingly which is why am associated with him for a couple of years now. He helped our friends also get good deals on time. Highly recommend his services.

By: Vipin S.

Dear Pratham. My wife and I feel so fortunate to have met you! You are truly THE BEST!! You have been there for us every step of the way and we really appreciate all the efforts and help, which you have been providing to us in having our multiple properties rented in GTA. The most impressive thing, which has impressed us, is that you are taking care of our properties, when my wife and I are not around. Definitely, it is great to rely on someone who is so dedicated, sincere, accountable and responsible to accomplish the job successfully. Candidly speaking, we are very impressed with your professional approach and great work ethics. Above all, I must say that your prompt communication skills, dependable and persistence nature are fetching you a good name as a Realtor in the GTA market. My wife and I are very happy with the service you provide and look forward to working with you in the future, as well. All best wishes to you for your continued success. Thanks again!

By: Tarneet D.

Pratham is a professional you can trust,he is knowledgeable,understands the real estate market well and has a very diligent work ethic. He is prompt in answering all questions and made my first time home buying experience a very pleasant one. I strongly recommend his services.

By: Varun P.

He helped me to find a good rental accommodation with good price in prime location i.e. square one and helped in all documentation. I appreciate his dedication towards his work.

By: Syed A.

We had dealt with Pratham to help us find a tenant for our property in 2016. Pratham was very patient and helpful throughout the process, which gave us confidence that the transaction would go smoothly. Pratham carried on with the due diligence, negotiations, paper work and was able to secure us a great tenant in just a few short days. Overall, as a Landlord I was very pleased with Pratham and would recommend Pratham Kalia to anyone looking for a real estate professional.

By: Sooji N.

We purchased our home in 2016 as first time home buyers as Pratham as our agent. Since then, Pratham has helped us find a bigger home as our family grew last year. He was accommodating to our busy schedule with a toddler and made the entire process stress-free. We will be working with him again and we highly recommend Pratham Kalia’s services.

By: Shumailah P.

Pratham Kalia is very professional and knowledgeable. He understood what I was looking for and was very quick to respond. He worked around my schedule and understood that I had very limited time frame to work with. He’s extremely organized and goes out of his way to help. Their team made my first time home buying experience stress free. I strongly recommend his services.

By: Pooja B.

Pratham is great at his work, we have been in touch with him for around 3 years where we first started with renting and then bought our condo in Mississauga .We always recommend him to our friends and family and he recently did a great job with getting a nice property for our cousins on rent in Mississauga. He is quick and positively aggressive at his work which is what is expected in today's fast world. Always available be it weekends ,has ample data and thinking points consolidated that are needed to make a buying or renting decision and is extremely humble and soft spoken. 100% go to him if you are in need of a responsible Realtor !

By: Renjith R.

Pratham has been really helpful when we were looking for a new house. Highly recommended.

By: Amany Z.

Pratham went out of his way to help us secure the home that we were looking for. He adressed all our questions and concerns. He was always honest and has a good understanding of the market. Pratham acts more like a friend when giving advice rather than an agent looking to just sell and buy.We highly recommend him.

By: Wendy S.

Pratham is a fantastic realtor! He is very knowledgeable, resourceful and friendly. He exceeded my expectations. Thank you for being so amazing throughout the entire process.