The Importance of a Home Inspection 

A home inspection is definitely recommended, as it is a small expense towards purchasing a home. The findings in a home inspection can be crucial in deciding to go forward with the property of interest. As a buyer, there needs to be a sense of assurance that the property being proceeded with is in good condition, a buyer should learn about the home and the systems inside (hot water tank, furnace, plumbing etc.) and finally, a buyer should have a chance to see any repairs that are required through the findings of a professional home inspector. 

A professional home inspector can caution the buyer and the buyer's real estate professional of any red flags for the home, either inside or outside of the property during the home inspection. The professional home inspector can also suggest solutions to any work that needs to be done to the property or an estimated cost for any repairs that need to take place. The professional home inspector typically writes a home inspection report with any findings, notes and/or tips for the new potential home owner. 
Hiring Pratham Kalia as your real estate professional! 
Pratham Kalia has a list of professional contacts that help his clients have a smooth and easy process when it comes to home buying or home selling. Pratham has professional home inspectors working in Mississauga and surrounding areas that are referred to his clients, if they are in need of one. 

What is the average cost for a home inspection? 
The average cost for a home inspection is approximately $300-$350. This cost can vary based on the location, property condition and size of the house. A condo home inspection can cost approximately $225-$275, again based on the location, property condition and size of the condo. 

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Be on the Lookout for 6 Warning Signs that Could Mean Expensive Repairs

Many people think that serious defects in a home are easy to spot, but the truth is, often the most serious and costly problems can only be detected upon very close inspection. When you are considering buying a home, look for the following signs of potential serious problems.

Leaks are the most common problem with roofs, and are tough to detect from outside. However, from inside an attic, you can often see water marks where there is a leak.

Plumbing System
Make sure you are confident that both water systems: the one that brings fresh water in and the one that takes sewage out are functioning well before signing on the dotted line.

Electrical Systems
Before you agree to buy you should make sure that you can run all of the appliances you want to and even power tools at the same time without having a power failure. You also want to make sure that the electrical system is safe and does not present a fire hazard.

Heating and Cooling Systems
Be sure to thoroughly inspect the heating and air conditioning systems in any home you are considering purchasing.

Bad Paint and Signs of Rotting
The paint inside and outside the house can reveal a lot about the condition of the underlying material. 

Cracks and other Important Signs
Cracks in walls, doors not closing properly and uneven floors can all be signs that could be a problem with the foundation.