Newcomers Mississauga 

First and foremost, welcome to Mississauga. We hope this website can assist you in learning more about Mississauga Neighbourhoods, Top Schools in Mississauga, Condos in Downtown Mississauga, Home Buying Expenses, New or Resale Homes, Renting in Mississauga and more. 

Pratham Kalia was raised in Mississauga and is still a Mississauga resident. Pratham has lived in Mississauga for over 16 years and finished all of his schooling here. Pratham has helped several newcomers find their dream home over his career, with a program Pratham offers for his newcomer clients. 

This service is ONLY for newcomers and/or new immigrants hiring Pratham as their buyer representative (Pratham Kalia's buyer clients). Services provided by Pratham Kalia do not bind other real estate professionals, agents, brokers or brokerages at Re/Max Real Estate Centre Inc. 

Let's say you arrive to Mississauga and have hired Pratham Kalia as your Real Estate Professional to help secure you a property. It is common for a newcomer or new immigrant to rent a property for the first year or two. This time frame can allow the newcomer or new immigrant to find a suitable job, build their credit and possibly obtain their Permanent Residence (PR). This time frame is crucial, as it possibly allows the person to own a Mississauga property in the near future. 

Pratham Kalia will assist his newcomer clients find a property to rent. Closer to the date of the end of the lease term a meeting will be scheduled with Pratham to discuss the mortgage approval process, properties/areas of interest and calculations etc. Once the list has been narrowed, the showing process will begin on which home or condo the client would like to buy as their home. 

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Read our First Time Home Buyer FAQs with answers. When buying a home or condo with Pratham Kalia, you do NOT pay us a fee or commission. As the Buyer Agent commission is typically paid by the Seller. 

15% Foreign Buyer Tax
If a newcomer were to purchase a property upon arrival to Canada then there is a 15% Foreign Buyer Tax implication. But, people on a work permit or in the process of obtaining their Permanent Residence (PR) will have the amount reimbursed once the Permanent Residence (PR) is obtained. 

A few of Pratham's Newcomer Client Reviews

 We're glad we fell into the right hands as soon as we moved to Canada a few years back. We had met with Pratham Kalia to help us find a suitable home to stay in for the time being. Once we were settled, we contacted Pratham as we believed it was time to purchase our first home in Canada. Pratham was able to secure us a home in a top Misissauga neighbourhood with good schools which was our main criteria. Pratham provided us with great insight on the market and was able to provide us with reputable professional contacts. We were very happy with the process and recommend Pratham as a real estate professional.
- Tanusree D. 

It was a great pleasure working with Pratham Kalia. We had just arrived to Canada and we were on a time crunch to find a suitable property so that the children could start their schooling at the earliest. Pratham helped us learn about specific neighbourhoods with top school districts and also showed us various properties within our budget. We would highly recommend Pratham to any newcomer looking to buy or rent in Mississauga.
- Mahesh K.