Renting a Mississauga Home or Condo?

Is it better to rent or buy a home? This is a commonly asked question we receive from first time home buyers and newcomers. Some believe that it is an easier option to rent in the initial stages (in order to save more money, plan and/or wait till the market condition is in their favour etc.). The correct answer depends on many circumstances, such as; personal situation, affordability and/or mortgage approval.   

Due to the growing demand of living in Mississauga (location, Canada's 6th largest city, influx of newcomers etc.), not only are the Mississauga home and condo prices expected to increase, but the demand for rental properties in Mississauga is on the rise currently.

We would like to educate and guide potential home buyers in making an informed decision, as Pratham believes that proper guidance and information is critical, especially for first time home buyers or newcomers.  
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In the first time buyer meeting, important subjects are covered such as; the process of home buying, home buying expenses, market conditions, top neighbourhoods and school districts in Mississauga, homes and condos available for sale in Mississauga and more. 

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