First Time Investor or a Seasoned Investor? 

There are many things an investor needs to consider before buying a residential investment property. From buying the right property at the right price, buying in a good neighbourhood which is high in demand and managing the expected cash flow, the list goes on.

After an investor purchases an investment property and the closing has taken place, the investor is typically in search for a suitable tenant for the home or condo. Finding a tenant can be done in various ways (hiring a real estate professional, rental property management company or by yourself). 

Generally speaking, the job usually ends for a realtor
® after they are able to successfully find the landlord a tenant for their property. After the tenant has moved into the property, the landlord and tenant will be in communication for any issues, repairs or anything related to the property. This usually does help the landlord save on their monthly expenses (cash flow), as there is no extra fee they are paying their realtor® or a third party property management company.

However with this method, there will be more time and effort for the
landlord to successfully run the investment property. One example being, the landlord should be available to address issues or circumstances for the tenant in a correct and timely manner. If you are a non-resident investor , then this decision may be difficult. Hiring a professional third party property management company can sometimes be costly, which may not be suitable for an investor. 

Pratham Kalia's Investor Client Service 

When purchasing a residential investment resale or builder new property with Pratham Kalia, the investor gains to benefit. Being a first time investor or seasoned investor, running an investment property should be a simple and straightforward process. Pratham's Investor clients benefit from his value added service.

This service is ONLY for Pratham's investor clients who purchase a residential investment property with him in Mississauga or surrounding areas (Oakville, Milton, Hamilton and Brampton). Services provided by Pratham Kalia do not bind other real estate professionals, agents, brokers or brokerages at RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.

Property Inspection and Findings Report 
Once the tenant vacates the property at the end of the lease term, Pratham will visually inspect the property and report any findings via email to the
landlord. After the landlord's review, Pratham can send a list of appropriate professional contacts that can carry any work required, such as handy man, cleaners, painters and more. This is very beneficial for local and non-resident investors, as it simplifies the process and the work can carry on. Once the needful has been completed, the investor can simply e-transfer the fee to the appropriate professional contacts (professional workers will bill the investor client directly). 

No Annual or Monthly Fees
There are NO annual or monthly fees that Pratham Kalia's landlord investor clients have to pay. Again, this program is ONLY for residential homes and condos in Mississauga. Please contact Pratham Kalia for more information. 

Professional Contacts for Maintenance, Repairs, Legal
Pratham has a list of professional contacts that the investor client can benefit from. From professional workers for minor repairs and major repairs, Pratham can help you connect with the right professional (home inspectors, painters, electricians, handy-man, service technicians, plumbers, electricians, cleaners, carpet shampoo and more). The investor client will be billed directly by the workers. 
Regardless of minor repairs and major repairs, the investor client will need to approve the workers, costs and oversee/coordinate the work that will be completed. Pratham also has legal contacts that he can put the investor client in touch with, in case of any legal matters concerning the tenant.

No Renewal Costs for Leases
After Pratham Kalia helps his investor client secure a suitable tenant for their property and before or after the completion of the one year lease, the tenant decides to renew the lease or continue the lease on a month to month basis, then there is NO renewal fee payable to Pratham. Please contact Pratham Kalia for more information. 

If you are a landlord or are looking to put your property on rent, check out the landlords page on our website!

A few of Pratham's investor client reviews

Pratham Kalia has been our realtor for over 3 years, and we have bought multiple properties with his help. From the outset, Pratham's expertise in investment properties was obvious. He helped us select properties from reputed builders in prime locations. He does a thorough job vetting prospective tenants, and as a result, we have only had positive experiences with our tenants. Pratham manages our lease negotiations with finesse and looks out for our best interests. He even helps us with property management tasks as he has several reliable contacts that help with condo and home maintenance. We are truly fortunate to have him as our realtor, and look forward to many more deals together.
- Rakesh D. 

We had bought an investment property in Ancaster with Pratham Kalia. Pratham provided detailed information on the market, builder new homes and gave us thorough answers for any questions that we had. Before going forward with the investment property, one of our requirements was to have the property leased. Pratham ensured that he would help us to have the property leased as well, he stayed true to his words and had the property leased after closing. He managed our lease negotiations, filtering prospective tenants and found us a long term tenant. We highly recommend Pratham's services without any hesitation!
- Sankar K.
It was a great pleasure working with Pratham Kalia regarding purchasing an investment condo in Square One. He secured a condo for us at a great price, in just a few weeks. The condo price has already gone up! It was a smooth process and if we had questions, he was very quick to answer and respond. Pratham explained to us in detail the process of purchasing an investment condo and guaranteed to have the condo rented for us as well, which was a great bonus! In just 4 days, he was able to find a good tenant and have the unit leased! I would recommend Pratham to anyone looking to buy or invest in Mississauga.
-Sridhar B.


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This service is ONLY for Pratham's Investor Clients who purchase a Residential Investment property with him in Mississauga or Surrounding Areas (Oakville, Milton, Hamilton and Brampton). Services provided by Pratham Kalia do not bind other real estate professionals, agents, brokers or brokerages at RE/MAX Real Estate Centre Inc.  Please Read Privacy Policy and Terms which includes more information. This article is only regarding Residential properities in Mississauga and Surrounding Areas (Milton, Oakville, Hamliton and Brampton). Please contact Pratham Kalia for more information.