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There is a lot of due diligence, effort and time required when searching for a suitable tenant for a home or condo. Also, the importance of knowing the policies set out in the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Discrimination against tenants is not allowed, a landlord needs to be very careful when advertising their property for lease and when it comes to selecting a tenant.

The Ontario Residential Tenancy Agreement that has been enforced should be completed thoroughly and in a correct manner, this is a Government official lease agreement signed by both the landlord and tenant. 

Some landlords may search for a tenant themselves using many free websites (Kijiji, Facebook etc.) that are easily accessible, however many landlords are still using the services of a real estate professional in order to help them find the right tenant and to simplify the process. 

After an initial discussion or meeting with Pratham regarding the lease (price, possession date etc.), Pratham's job starts with a visual inspection of the home or condo and providing detailed recommendations. Once completed, photos will be taken of the home or condo and will be advertised on the MLS Listing Service®. The marketing, arranging of showings for potential tenants to view the property, pre-qualifying tenants, due diligence, paper work and lease negotiations are just a few things that Pratham Kalia assists landlord clients with. 

Pratham helps find his landlord client a suitable tenant to them. After all of the required steps are taken and completed, if needed Pratham arranges a landlord and tenant interview. 

In Mississauga the typical fee payable by the landlord for a 1 year lease agreement is 1 month rent plus HST. From this amount, the listing brokerage (landlord agent) is paid half month rent plus HST and the cooperating brokerage (tenant agent) is paid the other half month rent plus HST. This example would be based on a standard scenario where both the landlord and tenant are being represented with each of their own real estate agent. 

Once the Lease has been accepted by the landlord and tenant, in some cases the tenant would pay first and last month rent in advance (upon 24 hours of acceptance of the lease agreement) to the listing brokerage. From this amount, the listing brokerage will deduct 1 month rent and applicable taxes and the remainder is paid to the landlord. 

Pratham Kalia is a local and experienced real estate professional who has helped numerous landlords find suitable tenants for their residential properties in Mississauga and surrounding areas throughout his career. Using the services and guidance of a professional is definitely recommended. 

Just a few examples of homes and condos Pratham helped lease for his landlord clients


Some of Pratham's Landlord Client Reviews

Dear Pratham. My wife and I feel so fortunate to have met you! You are truly THE BEST!! You have been there for us every step of the way and we really appreciate all the efforts and help, which you have been providing to us in having our multiple properties rented in GTA. The most impressive thing, which has impressed us, is that you are taking care of our properties, when my wife and I are not around. Definitely, it is great to rely on someone who is so dedicated, sincere, accountable and responsible to accomplish the job successfully. Candidly speaking, we are very impressed with your professional approach and great work ethics. Above all, I must say that your prompt communication skills, dependable and persistence nature are fetching you a good name as a Realtor in the GTA market. My wife and I are very happy with the service you provide and look forward to working with you in the future, as well. All best wishes to you for your continued success. Thanks again! 
- Vipin S. 


We recently dealt with Pratham Kalia to lease out one of our properties. Having read many good reviews of Pratham online, we decided to work with him. He had a lot of knowledge on the market and was able to answer any questions that we had. He was very clear and straightforward when giving us a  recommendation on price, possession date and what to expect. Pratham had our best interests throughout the transaction and was always available to communicate, via phone or email. In just a few days, Pratham was able to draw in multiple offers for our property. We were very impressed by his commitment, knowledge and honesty! 
- Alyssa E. 

We had dealt with Pratham to help us find a tenant for our property in 2016. Pratham was very patient and helpful throughout the process, which gave us confidence that the transaction would go smoothly. Pratham carried on with the due diligence, negotiations, paper work and was able to secure us a great tenant in just a few short days. Overall, as a Landlord I was very pleased with Pratham and would recommend Pratham Kalia to anyone looking for a real estate professional.  
- Syed A.

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