Pre-Listing Home or Condo Inspection

Is a pre-listing inspection mandatory when listing my home or condo for sale? This question was briefly answered in the home or condo sellers FAQs page, make sure to check it out as other questions are also answered. 

A pre-listing inspection is a good option for home owners to undertake prior to listing their home for sale. The professional home inspector can help identify any issues (minor or major), repairs and changes that are needed. This can be helpful, as a proactive seller may have a professional fix things or any issues ahead of time before putting their home or condo for sale on the market. 

Typically, buyers are putting conditional offers on homes or condos which can include a home inspection condition(s). Having a recent pre-listing inspection report can give both the buyer and seller confidence and reassurance. For example, the seller can hire professionals to fix or address any repairs, changes and/or issues after the pre-listing home inspection is conducted. This not only can help the property sell faster, as typically buyer does not want to spend money on repairs, fixes etc. and may ask to adjust the purchase price. 

Condominium home owners (condos and condo townhomes) can inform their condominium corporation (property management company) if there are any findings or defects to the common elements. Typically, the common elements are the responsibility of the condominium corporation's property management.  

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